The Beltless Belt


Beltless Belt, finally an answer for fitted tops over pants.


SIZE CHART IS BELOW / When you ‘Check Out’ just add the Size and color you would like in ‘Order Notes.’

NO MORE gaps or buckle-bulge.

Creates a clean silhouette.

Perfect for travel, no need to remove for security check.

Size Chart;

xs – 28′ to 31″
s – 32″ to 35″
m – 36″ to 39″
l – 40″ to 43″
xl – 44″ to 48″
xxl – 49′ to 51″


The History Behind the Belt; 5 Star Reviews….link here.

The Beltless Belt was born of necessity.

Four years ago, I was very frustrated because the jeans I had bought fit perfectly except for the waist, where there was a small gap that changed the whole way the pants and my outfit looked. The waistline was either gapping,sagging or stretching.

So I did what comes naturally in these modern times, and I googled “belts” using many different keywords. I tried “flat”, “hidden”, “invisible” and “custom”. The search produced two belts that seemed to be a solution to this dilemma, so I ordered both of them. One of them was not a belt at all but a cinch of some sort that grabbed the loops on the back of my jeans, which created a lopsided type of effect. The concept was good but not realistic. The second one was a clear plastic type of belt that at first seemed like a good idea but only worked in theory, not in practice.

The first problem was that the buckle was hard to adjust because the plastic was a bit sticky, similar to the clear straps that are available on some bras. I also found that the hotter it was, the stickier the belt felt, especially if it touched my stomach. The other problem I found was that even though the buckle was clearly smaller than a regular buckle, it still protruded slightly when I was wearing a fitted t-shirt. I found that, although the clear plastic seemed like a great idea because of the versatility, if my shirt rode up, I didn’t like the idea of seeing plastic around my waist. So, although this looked like a possible solution, it didn’t achieve what I wanted it to.

I decided to go to the local craft store and make my own belt. I purchased an over-the-counter type of elastic and bought some Velcro. I thought this would give me the stretch I would need along with the flatness I wanted. Although this worked for a while, it still wasn’t good enough.

I was then introduced to a unique fabric that was perfect for what I wanted to do. It gave me the elasticity, lightness and flatness I needed as well as the strength, durability and comfort I wanted. Add high-grip Velcro, and the Beltless Belt™ was born. I was so convinced of it usefulness that I applied for a patent for it.

The Beltless Belt™ is now available in black and star blue.
When I am wearing a black t-shirt and I use my black Beltless Belt™, if the shirt rides up slightly, the belt seems like an extension of my shirt.
It’s a win-win situation for those of us who like variety and choices. Ideal for women, men and teens.
*Please Note;
Although ‘Soft Tan’ is no longer listed as available, I do have a limited supply of ‘Soft Tan’ in size’s L, XL and XXL.
Please inbox me if that is the color your would like and we can put the order through. I will update as soon as ’Soft Tan’ is back in stock.


Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 2 in

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