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Bolognese Sauce. Sherri P.AWT

Olive Oil





1 large can tomato sauce

2 lbs chop meat and/or meatloaf mix


1 can of Peas

I tend to use a dutch oven over the flame on the stovetop, this can also be done in a crockpot although given I make a large amount at a time, I always find the crockpot a little small.



Coat the bottom of the pot with olive oil. 

Sautée onion until carmelized

Add a teaspoon of oregano

Add a teaspoon of basil, (these measurements are give & take based on personal preference)

Once onions are carmelized add the meat. 

Continue to brown and mix (fold over) until meat is about 90% cooked through.. A little pink is fine.

At this stage I strain the meat mixture to get rid of the excess oil & liquid from the meat.

Add the mixture back into the pot.

Add chopped carrots

Add 1/2 can of sauce, (this is also personal preference), I tend to like the meat mixture a little tighter so I add sauce based on texture.

Cook for another 45 minutes either on very low flame or in the crockpot on very low setting.

Strain and add can of peas

Cool an additional 15 min.

That’s it😊 

In my house with my husband and teenage kids I tend to let them help themselves. 

Their favorite is papadella pasta, the very thick noodles, which does hold the sauce well but you can use any of your favorite pastas.

I leave the meat sauce in the pot and put it right on the table and I put some extra sauce in a gravy boat for those who like a looser texture.

Some fresh parmasian cheese is always welcome in my house!