Living in the Hudson Valley, I am about 25 minutes north of NYC, close enough to enjoy the restaurants and shopping in Manhattan as well as the beauty of the Hudson Valley.

I have a daughter who is in her third year at college and my son is a freshman. My husband is English and we spend quite a bit of time in London.  I must also mention my two cats who allow us to share the house with them.

Shopping in London has become a favorite pastime for my daughter and me, as well as the subject of several blogs.  Although I am known to be a reluctant traveler, once I reach my destination I truly appreciate the journey and love writing about it.

I started my company, A Woman Thing, a few years ago around the time I turned 50, and realized it’s all up to us, and that with age comes the knowledge that if we want it badly enough, only we can make it happen.

I love designing, and focus quite a bit on my online boutique as well as on Amazon, where I sell a belt I designed to solve a need. I wanted to eliminate buckle-bulge and create a smooth silhouette. I could not find any product that worked for me so I decided to do it myself! You will find the Beltless Belt here.

A Woman Thing is a lifestyle blog that asks the question “if not now, when?”. Sharing inspirations on fashion, travel, health and wellness over 50, as well the insight that only comes from being the parent of one in college and one on his way.

Please join me, follow, comment and share your experiences as only we can do.


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  1. I like the Ralph Lauren striped peasant skirt. The sizing says that a medium has a 15-1/4″ waist & 20-1/2″ hips. Can this be right? I’d like to order one but the sizing seems crazy.

    1. Hi Jo Ann, thanks for checking out the link..I will check on mine for sizing as soon as I get back to my house and let you know!!

    2. Hi Jo Anne, Just checked the size on the one I have, it is 27″but measures about 20 around the waist. Although I do wear it high (and I am usually a size small), 15 1’2 does sound small especially sized at a medium. I also loved that skirt, I will look at it again and see if there is any others to compare it to..

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