Mom, wife, reluctant traveler, designer, love healthy living and fashion! Holding at 55:)))

IMG_2444Having my children later in life, 38 when my daughter was born, 41 when my son was born, has been the greatest gift of all. Creativity flows, motivation, realizations and all of a sudden I am expected to know things.

Before my children were born I lacked the certainty that should come when making decisions. I coasted many times and sometimes no decision was a decision in itself.

Well the minute the nurse handed me my daughter, that changed. Now was time to be sure, she needed me to be sure.

Now that my children are older, 15 & 17 I am constantly trying to guide them in the right direction and teach them how to make good decisions.

It was when I was looking at a picture of my daughter in a red dress that started me thinking, how do I tell you sometimes there are no answers, that I cant explain it, that it is just something that happens, its a woman thing and when you get older you will understand. She looked so strong in the red dress, with every possibility open to her.

I started my company, A Woman Thing, because I no longer look to anyone else for the answers, I try to create them myself.  Sometimes just making things is a way to express yourself and in the process of creating something, you can answer your own questions.

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