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Given a healthy glow starts from within, I do believe it’s all about skincare, and Simple Beauty Minerals has you covered from how to take care of your skin to the products that bring out the best of you.

I gravitate most days to the ‘no makeup, makeup look’ and when I want to take that to the next level, I like to highlight one feature to complete the look.

While I don’t think it’s about how many products you apply, I do think how you apply them makes the difference, which brings me to one of the reasons I love these products: they multi-task and they are almost ‘mistake-proof’.

So let me start with one of my first favorites, the Bright Eyes Pink Concealer and Color Corrector.

If I only had time to apply one product, this would be it! Talk about a multitasker, this works as a concealer all around your eyes, a highlighter under the brow, eye shadow base and it evens my skin tone when I apply it with a blush or powder brush.

Now, combine that with two more of my favorites, Natural Glow Mineral Bronzer and Sunset Cheek Color and it’s the next best thing to a tan from an island vacation. I’ve used them both on their own and I’ve combined them by using a powder brush with the Natural Glow to frame my face and a blush brush with the Sunset Cheek Color to apply on my cheek bones and sometimes a bit on my forehead.

Any of the previous products mentioned can be used on your eyelids as well, but one of the reasons I love fall is because the Pumpkin Spice Eye Stacker is out and I couldn’t wait to get it!

First, I love that this is travel-size and I don’t mean only for a vacation. I’m talking about throwing in your bag at the last minute and you are basically covered all day long. Yes, these multi-task as well – eyes, cheeks and even lips. Yes, you read that right, lips too! You can check out my Instagram stories to see how easy it is to apply and at the same time I am protecting my lips from the sun. The Pumpkin Spice Stacker is a limited holiday addition so if interested you can find it here.

Now, let’s talk about olive oil, which I love both inside and outside. Italian bread dipped in olive oil with some olives & cheese on the side, a glass of wine… but I digress, that’s on the inside; let’s talk about the outside.

The Whipped Olive Oil Cream speaks for itself when you feel its consistency and how it melts right into your skin. I keep it by my bed, on my desk and, if there was a mini-size, I would keep it in my bag. I think this has truly helped the dryness in my skin. I even use it around my cuticles, my neck and have been known to run my hands through my hair to tame a few frizzies here and there.

I recently bought the Olive Oil Light lotion which is similar to the cream but a little lighter. Great to apply to your arms throughout the day and/or your neck. I actually find it to be a great refresher and the fragrance smells like I’ve been to a spa.

As I said in the beginning, a healthy glow starts from within and how you take care of your skin. Well, Lisa at Simple Beauty Minerals has that covered too.

A few favorites are the Vitamin C Serum, Bright On Serum and the Pure Bliss Eye Cream. If you have the patience and can give the serums a bit of time to work on your skin as I have, you will see a noticeable difference in fine lines and just the overall texture of your skin. Although, having said that, I do get instant gratification when I apply these products because they feel so good going on; you actually feel your skin soaking them in.

There are a few more I would love to talk about but will save those for my follow-up blog as we head into the fall season.

Lisa and I go live on Instagram most Wednesdays (2PM PST & 5PM EST); I say most because as we all know ‘life happens’ sometimes and we all adapt.

If you haven’t already done so, we would love you to join us; you can follow Lisa on Instagram to learn more about her products and me @awt_lifestyle for our Wednesday Wine and BeauTEA Talks. Conversations mostly stay on track and are a great mid-week diversion.

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