A Mini-Shopping Spree

After many months on on-line shopping, I actually allowed myself to go into a store (I resisted the urge to say old-fashioned storefront). How nice it was to just ‘feel’ the clothes again and I wanted to share a few of my finds.

Loft had quite a few new styes to choose from with 40% off the total cost. These shoes I ordered on line a few months back and can finally start wearing them:)

I wasn’t quite sure about these pants; they do have a wider waistband but I can tell you they fit perfectly and even have a pocket!

We all need at least one bag that will stand the test of time and this is that bag for me, a gift to myself that works with pretty much any outfit. The jeans are high-waisted and fit better than most I have in my closet!

I loved the color of this sweater and consider it a neutral that will go with most outfits.

Have you been in any stores lately?

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