An open letter to those who are making the decisions for the Class of 2020 from a former PTA President.

You have had our kids for the better part of 13 years and, while the class of 2020 is no better than the classes that have come before, the extraordinary circumstances surrounding this year have put them in a very vulnerable position. 

A high school graduation is the culmination of 13 years, the one day where it all comes together, the day you look forward to from the moment you enter the high school building. The kids who are graduating deserve the best you can give them. 

Thirteen years is a huge part of anyone’s life and arguably the largest part of your child’s life in which you will be a front and center presence. Not only is a traditional high school graduation expected, it matters. You could argue that there are other things that matter more — while there is no denying that your child’s health and safety is the priority, it is not an excuse to minimize the importance of this day and what it means to them. 

Given the lack of communication and solid plans, I now find myself at a crossroads where my anger could easily take over, which would only feed into the disappointment this class already feels. Or should I take a leap of faith and trust that the school will get it done? 

Speaking for myself, I have supported the school district for the past 13 years. 

I have filled every PTA board position in the elementary, middle and high school. I have learned the politics behind many decisions, and I continued to be the liaison between the administration and the parents serving as President for seven of those years, working with amazing people along the way. While there are many parents who may not be able to hold a board position, their support was obvious and reliable, with only the kids’ interest in mind. I think it’s fair to say that we didn’t do it just for our own kids; we did it for all of them. 

When I overheard my son and his friends say that they are the forgotten class, it was more than I could handle. There may be signs, billboards and other celebrations coming to these kids in the next week or so, and I truly hope it’s not too late to make this class believe that they do matter. 

While you may not be able to control the mandates set by the governor of each state, you can control how you deal with it and plan accordingly. The more time that goes by without addressing and/or confirming the plans for this class, the more the kids feel your silence, and it only adds to a parent’s frustration. We ask for communication, even if a plan is not solid. Tell us your thoughts. 

We, the parents will give them the best prom they could ever have if the school has to take a step back from it based on the State’s opening phases, but no matter what we do, we can’t replace what should have been and should yet be done by you. 

I will continue to trust you. Please don’t disappoint us and, most important, do not disappoint our children. They were asked throughout their school career to step outside of their comfort zone. I now ask the school to do the same thing and show creativity for this class.

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