Why having a Plan is so important….especially now

What’s next, what’s the plan?  Why did those questions apply to everyday before this virus hit us but not so much now?  
We need direction more than ever now and yet, at least for me, each day that goes by feels more and more like we are just standing still.

At 58 years old, I have always considered myself to be self-motivating but I am finding this to be a very challenging time in so many different ways, as I am sure we all are. 


Definition as per Merriam Webster: a method for achieving an end.
From Oxford: an intention or decision about what one is going to do. 

A plan can act as a foundation, a starting-place, but, because our worlds have been turned upside down, it’s a bit harder to find the starting-place. 

In the past (and for the purposes of this discussion, I am referring to before this virus hit us), the starting-place didn’t necessarily start with us as individuals.  As an example, so many times our plans are based on other people’s actions, scheduled meetings, all the what-ifs, the expectations we have of other people. 
Of course, we all have responsibilities, jobs and commitments. I’m not suggesting we become careless and ignore those things, but I am questioning where our first thoughts should be in the morning.  
Another example…recently, I find myself waking up every morning, turning on the news (which I dread at this stage), and allowing the stories I hear to set the tone for my day.  
Regardless of your political affiliation, I think we could all agree the news is full of people’s opinions and not always the facts. Whatever plan I had is now at risk because I have allowed this to affect the tone of my day.  I’d rather have my own plan and adjust if I have to. 

In these challenging times, I need clarity, direction, a road-map, so to speak.  Not just for the day but for the foreseeable future as well. 

For me, I have learned that when I am stressed, beautiful memories can relieve quite a bit of tension.  I find I go back to those when I need a reminder. To visualize the future is also a calming factor and that is difficult to do when you feel like you are losing control.  

It’s up to us what information we choose to listen to and how we allow it to affect us.  
These may be unprecedented times, but, as individuals, we have managed to get to this point.  
We know what works and doesn’t work for us; now is the time to find our true selves. 

So, this morning, I planned out the rest of my family’s year.  
My daughter will be back at her college to start her third year by the end of August.  
My son will have chosen his college and will leave for it by the end of August. 
My husband and I will take that ten days to ourselves in early September in Naples, Florida.  
Our family will spend Thanksgiving in Disney. 
And the English side of our family will be joining us for Christmas in December.  

Those are our plans. I want to focus on them.  If we have to adjust, we will, but until that day, I will choose what I allow to affect me, I will get up and work my online business as well as my blog.  
We lead by example not just for our kids but maybe sometimes to prove to ourselves that we can.  
I choose hope.

What’s your plan?

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