Learning to use Teladoc, just in case.

I have always been more comfortable in situations when I know that I’m prepared if/or when it should be necessary. 

I think it’s fair to say that our stress levels rise when we don’t know what to expect and have no control over a situation.  Part of the fear factor is What if I or someone in my family should get sick? What is the first thing we should do? We worry that it may not be so easy to reach any of the doctors we use and it’s advised not to go to a hospital without speaking to someone.  I like alternative and back-up plans.

There are so many mixed messages, it was not helping my stress levels.  So, given I keep hearing about Teladoc, I decided that if I familiarized myself with what it is and how to work it, at least I would have a starting point. 
I’m very glad I did because, just like everything else, there is a process to sign up for this. It’s not just a website or an app.  I would rather have it all done, than first have to deal with it if anyone were to get sick and I wanted to ask a few questions before assuming the worst.

So, for anyone who may stress a bit like me, I wanted to take a moment to go over the process and, if it saves anyone some time, then it was well worth it. 


The first thing I would do is download the app onto your phone. 

Look for Teladoc.

I then went to Teladoc.com, to the “get started menu”.

You can set up your account online or on the app.
I found the app very easy to maneuver for the most part.

On the app, set up your account 
Once you put in your basic information, you will be directed to the insurance screen.
In my case, my insurance company popped up and all I had to do was confirm.
You will be asked to set up a user name and password and to select three questions.
You will have the option of setting up a PIN number.
I did set up the PIN, just in case we had to access the app from another phone, 
You will then be asked questions about your medical history as well as any prescriptions you are taking.  It’s very similar to when you go to a new doctor for the first time and have to fill out the questionnaire. 
All pretty basic, but have your insurance card handy so you can confirm your ID number. 

Once I had completed my registration on the app, I went back to the website, www.teladoc.com to enter the site with my user name and password, just to confirm it all went through. 

Hopefully, this will not be needed for any member of my family, but I must admit that I feel slightly better knowing that all of the information is in now, including medical history and insurance info just in case.  

Why did I do this for myself first?

Because as long as I don’t get sick, I am here to advocate for my husband and my kids, but if I were to get sick, I want to make it as easy as possible for them.  I now know all my information is in a main system and all I have to do is ‘request a visit’.

A side note: there are hospitals that are sending emails offering the same type of service as Teladoc, especially if you or a family member had to visit one over the past few years. I received one of these. I assumed it was the same as going into the portal. It’s not!  So, if you get one of these invitations, you should be aware you have to sign up separately from the portal.  

I am including a link which was given to me to share after I signed up.  It is not an affiliate link. I think it just takes you directly to the sign-up screen.  

Teladoc Link

Alternatively, you can go to the site or the app I discussed above.

Be well and stay healthy…

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  1. Thank you for this important post! I’ve been hearing a lot about Teledoc and was wondering how it worked. Now that I know I’m going to sign up as well.

  2. Hi Sherri
    I know what you mean about feeling no control and feeling anxious how long this may be. I haven’t missed a dry of dry needling in 7 years, which helps my chronic pain and now it is cancelled for ? This Teledoc app sounds like something I may look into. I can communicate with my doctor via email messages, but it is good to have another plan.
    Take care,
    jess xx

    1. Thank you, I felt the same way…we’ve had to give up so many of the things we are used to so I am really appreciating the little things at this stage…

  3. I have never heard about this. Is this something for the USA or for all over the world?

    1. I’m honestly not sure, I am only familiar with how the system works here, we do have family in the UK and they do not seem to have the same type of access that we do here.

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