I’m in a New York state of mind….

…most of the time but especially around the holidays.  

Having lived in the city for a few years, I learned how special a walk in Central Park could be: lunch on the East Side, dinner on the West, it seems like everything is always open. 

But the holidays, that’s a whole different vibe, and this year we have tried to take advantage of all the city has to offer. 

The holiday shops at Bryant Park were the perfect place to start. The setting reminds me of a winter wonderland, all centered around a skating rink, Christmas Tree and gorgeous water fountain.

If you can imagine the perfect setting around the holidays, this is it.  Although crowded, it seems everyone is there for the same reason, and very respectful of one another.  

Mulled wine around the ice rink set the tone for the rest of the day and, honestly, it was the best I ever tasted!

Each little shop has its own feel and is so inviting.  The gifts are unique, price points are fair for the most part and, if you are short of ideas, this is the perfect place to come and browse.

As an example, I picked up this wonderful crochet necklace which came with a very cute gift bag. Must admit, got one for myself as well.

Also found a little shop with handcrafted leather journals that were so unique I purchased two, one for my daughter-in-law and one for my sister-in-law.   

Even the food was amazing; there was literally something for everyone.  My daughter and I found this amazing waffle booth with so many choices it was hard to decide. My sister and her wife went for some dim sum which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Christmas Day this year we changed it up a bit and had a Christmas lunch at Tavern on the Green.  We were looking for something festive and fun and we found it. 

Shop the look here.

The restaurant was decorated both inside and out, and we tried to take it all in.  

We were there for lunch so did not get the benefit of all of the lights in the evening, but there was so much to see, I don’t feel we missed anything. 

It was a set menu and I don’t always find restaurants put out their best food on those days but I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was.  

There were four courses and, although pricey, each dish was delicious and we didn’t feel cheated in any way.

The desserts were also worth waiting for. 

So, while most years we spend some time in NY, this year I really feel we made the most of it. 

How did you spend the holidays? Always looking for new ideas and if you have any pictures, please post!!

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  1. I spent the week after Christmas in NYC a few years ago. It definitely met and exceeded all of my expectations. Your photos brought back some great memories.

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