Do You Need Workout Clothes to Work Out?

So, the question is, do you need formal work-out clothes to work out?  And the answer is No! A work-out is what you make of it when you do it and, in my opinion, open to interpretation.

One day can vary from the next, and it would be a shame not to exercise if the opportunity is there just because you don’t feel you are wearing the correct clothes. 

Throughout my live sessions in the Style Club, I usually try to discuss what I’m wearing that morning, so I decided to take a moment to point out a few of my favorites, both formal work-out clothes and not so formal.

Let’s start from the top, literally. I love tanks all year long. I use them almost on a daily basis. They’re great on their own at this time of year or as a layering piece throughout the colder months.  When I find one I love, I usually buy it in whatever colors are available.  I’ve linked below a few that I love that are reasonable.  Several that I wear in the live videos are attached as well.

The leggings or pants I wear are a bit more tricky, because I am very particular.  I don’t like leggings that slide down throughout the day. I want something comfortable and breathable.  And, unless they are a cotton fabric, I honestly don’t like very tight leggings, even though that is the style.  I prefer a bit loose and, again, a breathable fabric. 

I’ve linked a few of my favorites below from both ends of the spectrum. As I have said in my videos, Lulu Lemon and Athleta are a bit more pricy but they will stand the test of time.  New York and Company wear extremely well and are very comfortable too!

The sneakers I choose depend on the day.  I feel if you are going to do a long walk, aerobics of any kind, or a run, you need supportive sneakers.

I have linked below my favorite serious sneakers; a few are on sale now which I did not know.

  Other than that, I will put on anything. Slip-ons are fine if you are focusing on light weights or a gentle walk.  Let’s put it this way – you shouldn’t miss a work-out just because you are wearing the wrong sneakers.  I’ve linked below several options that I wear on a daily basis. A few of these are also on sale now.

So, the bottom line: it doesn’t matter what you are wearing; it only matters that you are moving. That should be your focus, not the clothes.  I’ll add one more thought: if you can’t schedule time during the day for your workout, don’t stress over it; instead be mindful of doing something healthy that day, even if just one thing, and at any random time during the day.

Take a gentle walk around the block or grab two water bottles in your kitchen and do a few arm movements.  You will be pleasantly surprised how good you feel afterward

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