A Little Fun With Fashion

While shopping on Amazon at 2AM, I came across this sequin top and thought to myself, that’s so cute but I really don’t dress like that anymore; it would have worked great in the 80s…. with my spandex pants.

So….I continued to scroll but went back to it again and again.  

Well, why not, couldn’t it work under a white blazer, or a pop of color with gray slacks, or maybe even barefoot with my jean skirt around the pool? 

So I realized there is this mentality of what should and shouldn’t be when in fact there are no rules when it comes dressing.

If a clothing piece or style looks interesting to me now, I don’t put it in any category; I look at it with fresh eyes and work around it.

I’m trying to incorporate this way of thinking into most aspects of my life now. Just because something has always been a certain way, doesn’t mean it has to continue to be that way!

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