Between the Facial and High Tea

When does your daughter become your best friend? Probably the minute she is born, but I’m discovering that the real benefits of the relationship come when she starts to become her own person, in spite of the mistakes you may have made raising her. 

I look at my daughter, recognize a few of my better qualities, and know that I must have gotten a few things right over the past nineteen years.

One could say I was a bit older when I had my children, 38 when my daughter was born and 40 with my son. I must say each stage was more fulfilling than the previous one and I am enjoying this one the best!  

So let me tell you about our spa day…

When I heard the stress in her voice a couple of weeks before her spring break, I decided a day at a spa would be a great way for her to relax and for us to reconnect a bit.  Living in the Hudson valley in NY, it is easy to go north or south so, after asking for a few referrals, Glenmere Mansion sounded like what I was looking for. Although I wanted quality, I wasn’t looking for trendy. I wanted rustic, old-world charm with all of the modern conveniences (because I am spoiled a bit!), meditative and serene.  Trendy and buzzy would be for another day.  

I certainly found all that I wanted, and then some, at Glenmere Mansion.  

We arrived about a half hour early to find our way and settle in.  If we hadn’t actually been looking for the place, I would have driven right by it. 

When did she become such a good navigator in the car? I missed that stage.

It’s off the main road and hidden behind quite a few trees. Having been to Italy, it was apparent as soon as we arrived that the mansion had an Italian vibe, easily compared to a villa in Tuscany, which both my daughter and I appreciated.  

We checked in and were escorted to a private area (to call it a women’s locker room would not do it justice) to change into robes and get comfortable for the services I had requested. 

As I had reserved the ‘couture’ massages, we were able to have the massage oil/cream custom-made for each of us based on the fragrance we selected.

The lounge (parlor) area had a fireplace burning, overstuffed couches, chairs, and a very cute bar in the corner with fresh mint water and the option of tea.

My daughter was starting with a massage and I was starting with a facial. Following that, we were switching. 

We met back in the parlor between services, were offered a cup of tea and were able just to relax with each other.  Even comfortable silence can be refreshing sometimes.  

While all mothers think their daughters are gorgeous, I saw a natural beauty in her that I don’t even think she knows she possesses.

About a half hour later we switched; she enjoyed her facial and I enjoyed my massage.

Since my husband is English, tea has become a prominent part of our days, so when I found out high tea was offered later in the afternoon, I made a reservation for that as well.

After changing back into our street clothes, we were given a tour of the mansion and escorted to a corner table overlooking the Glenmere Lake.  It honestly could not have been more perfect.  

The only choice we had to make was what type of tea we each wanted. 

When did her hands become those of a woman?

This was followed by petite tea sandwiches and then a wonderful plate of petit fours that neither of us expected.  At that stage we were both feeling a little guilty so we put a few in a to-go box for my husband and son.

When she got up to use the ladies’ room, I watched her walk back to the table. 

She was holding herself differently, standing taller, more sure of herself.  There was a confidence about her I had not seen before. Would these changes have been so obvious if she had not left for college, or had she really grown that much within herself in these past few months?

In my opinion, it was a successful day. We were both relaxed, refreshed and content as we left the mansion.  Most important, I spent time with her and saw glimpses of the amazing, strong woman she is becoming.  

She is and always will be first my daughter, but forever my friend.

If you have any mother, daughter special moments, please share below.

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  1. What a beautiful mansion, memory and daughter.
    I have 3 daughters and six granddaughters (I started too young but no regrets) and they are all my closest friends.
    While driving my 19 yr old granddaughter back to college last weekend I also noticed how mature she seemed since I first dropped her off a few months ago. She’s thinking and talking about her future. The conversation was interesting.
    I’m planning a relaxing day for her after this semester.

    1. Thank you!! It was a great day all the way around, I had never been there and would love to visit there again in the future.. Three daughters and six granddaugters, that must be so much fun, I love watching them go through each stage..Thanks for taking the time to read and have great day!!

  2. What a beautiful day you had! I’ve had the same moments with my daughter, and the startling realization that she is a fully grown woman now. It really became apparent when she had her own children! That spa looks like just an amazing place!

    1. Hi Leslie, thank you for taking the time to read, it was a very memorable day with her and I do love every moment we spend together! As you know, it does go very fast, must be amazing to have grandchildren as well!!

  3. I long for those days when my daughter and I spent time together, whether it was a spa day in Montreal, or when we saw chic flicks together. She’s married now, and lives in the Netherlands, but maybe it’s time to plan another Mother and Daughter day. The mansion looks beautiful, and is decorated with the period furniture that I love. Glad you enjoyed yourselves, and thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much Christina! Your time in Montreal sounds amazing, I have never been there but heard it was beautiful!! I also love period pieces, so really did appreciate the way this mansion was decorated. It was a very memorable day, thank you for taking the time to read!

  4. What a beautiful day! When my daughter was around your daughters age we decided we would do annual getaways. We did two and then life just got too busy for her with work and school and social life. Enjoy all the special moments you can.

    Visiting from The Midlife Blogging Community 💕

    1. Hi Mel, so sorry I missed this one, It just showed as ‘unread’, I completely understand how that can happen, I am starting to feel it now and looking to spend as much time as I can with her over the summer!!

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