It’s So Simple, Beauty Minerals.

I couldn’t wait to write about this product. I received the Olive Oil Creme a couple of weeks ago, started using it immediately and the results speak for themselves.  My skin is smoother, stays moist throughout the day and has a very healthy glow to it.

It feels so clean when I apply it that I can’t resist using it on my arms as well.

I love that it is an Olive Oil Crème. I feel like I am getting the best of both worlds.  Given that I have mature skin,  I feel the oil locks in the moisture and, while I might have shied away from products with oil in the past, I gravitate towards them now.  

A little goes a long way, which is always appreciated when I love a product, so this does last. However, I will look to have it strategically placed around my house for convenience as well as in my travel bag.

Now, let me tell you about the serum. This Vitamin C Serum brightens my skin like no other product has done.  I literally feel like I am feeding my skin when I use it – my skin drinks it up. When I use it before bed it is like a mini facial. I wake up, my skin is brighter and the fine lines seem to have disappeared.

I love the flexibility of this serum; it enhances any moisturizer that you are currently using  and really penetrates into the skin.  

For me, at the young age of 57, I look for products that work, have natural ingredients and improve the quality of my skin. I have found all of that with The Simple Beauty Mineral line both in their skincare products and their makeup.

Working with Lisa Liguori, the owner of the company has been an added bonus, she is there to answer any question you may have and even help customize a plan if that is something you are interested in…

Lisa is offering a 15% discount if you use this link or, alternatively, go to Simple Beauty Minerals and enter A Woman Thing at check out for your 15% off.

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