No Belt Required

I have an online boutique where I sell a belt that I designed to eliminate buckle-bulge and create a flat-front look, Women With Control is the only brand that does not need my belt. I like a clean silhouette, and that is what this brand provides – almost as if the pieces were custom made.


I found Women With Control on QVC a few years ago and loved the idea of the fitted waistband so I had to try it. The band creates a flat front with no bulges anywhere and never grabs you in the wrong places.



I like to feel secure in my pants and, in my opinion, there is no other brand that accomplishes this quite like Women With Control.   They don’t stretch out and/or lose their shape, they are the perfect combination of a fitted legging and pant, and I can wear them with heels, boots, flats or sneakers, dressed up for an evening out or running errands during the day.  They travel well, do not wrinkle and are most comfortable on a plane.  They have truly become a staple in my wardrobe as well as being the perfect alternative to jeans!



I have since purchased other styles from Women With Control as well as Attitudes by Renée, including, in my opinion, the perfect jumpsuit.

With each purchase I grow more attached to this brand.

You can find a link to the original blog on the website Attitudes by Renee and more of her wonderful collection.


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  1. I’ve always been a bit apprehensive about clothes that claim to do this and might be uncomfortable. I can’t wear Spanx at all. You look fab in these pants though.

    1. Agree completely!! I have tried Spanx several times and each time I want to love them but just not comfortable for me.. These move with me, no binding, just a great fit:)) Thank you for stopping by..

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