Leather or Not…

I had seen these bags on occasion and, although most of the women I saw carrying them looked like professional women, and the bags complemented their outfits, my initial thought was “but it’s not leather”, as my own leather bag was putting a dent in my shoulder. One could say my bag collection is extensive (much to my husband’s disgust), but I had no idea what I was missing.


So it happened in Virginia of all places, where my daughter is a first-year college student. It was parents’ weekend and we were rushing through the events of the day.  I love crossbodies and had my medium leather tote with me, thinking it was the perfect bag to carry on this trip, trying to look like the cool mom who had it all under control.  That is until I bent down for something and the heavy tote slid down and hit me in the knee. Adjusting the leather strap on the bag over the winter coat I was wearing was challenging, given the bulk of the coat and the bag.  So, after a long day on the grounds of the college, we got back to the hotel and I noticed a woman who was wearing a nylon crossbody with leather trim. Whatever that bag was, I decided at that moment I wanted it.

It turned out to be an MZ Wallace large Crosby.  I made my first purchase, the Downtown Crosby, that night in the hotel.


I couldn’t believe the ease of this bag, so lightweight that the only weight to it was the items I put in it.  It wasn’t leather, but I was adapting – that is until my daughter saw it and made a passing comment about it not being leather, let alone a recognizable name.

I found myself defending my choice and said “it actually is a designer bag and I have not lowered my standards”.  She nicely dismissed my comment and the discussion ended.  And then we were shopping in Nordstrom and happened to come across this line on the way in.  Well, if Nordstrom was carrying this line, it was ok for my daughter to take a second look!

Since then, I have had a few friends ask me about this newest addition to my bag collection and once they feel the weight of it and see the organization built into it, they are sold too.


I have now also purchased the Metro Pouch, the Zoey, and my most recent purchase is the Medium Sutton.

My personal system is to have my essentials with me throughout the day, the basics, my phone, card-holder, cash, chap-stick…so if I am running to the store or doing quick errands, this is the bag I grab.


As I work from home (I have an online boutique, sell on Amazon and run a lifestyle blog), I sometimes like to work in the local Starbucks, so I bought the medium Sutton for this purpose.  I want to be able to put my essentials into it, my mini laptop and my bullet journal; this bag holds it all and still has room.  I thought I might need the large, but the medium is perfect. I honestly love this bag.  Even with all of that in it, the crossbody strap is still comfortable, the bag does not slide and/or the handles are very convenient.

The Zoey holds the extra essentials (hand cream, mophie, pens, personal items, chargers) and the larger bag can hold that too.

The Metro Pouch easily hold my mini laptop or, if I am traveling, I can see using this for overnight essentials as well.


I go back to the Downtown Crosby if I know I will be out for the day; it’s large enough to hold more than the basics and can easily carry me through my day if I don’t need my computer.


My next purchase will be the Mini Crosby – I’d like to try that for my ‘grab-and-go’ essential bag.

I’d love to see pictures of your bags and/or your tips for using them. There are so many possibilities.  I have come to realize that this is truly the ultimate everyday bag.



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    1. Thank you Kristine, and yes, that is ‘Mama’, she shows up at the most unexpected times:))

  1. Hi, Sherri
    I’m glad you are using a line of bags that are not leather, because I try to avoid buying leather products out of compassion for the animals who have to provide them. I’m not perfect, since we are surrounded by leather products (shoes, especially) but I just try. So that’s another plus to this line of bags that you now love!
    Angie, http://www.yourtrueselfblog.com

    1. Thank you Angie, and yes, I do agree with you, this is another advantage to these bags..thank you for reading :)))))

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