Winter in White

“You can’t get too much winter in winter.”  Robert Frost.

And in my opinion, white is the color of winter, so why not wear winter white?



I love mixing neutrals together, and white is the perfect color to base it around.

Different textures – white jeans with a flannel shirt, wool pants with a linen blouse, faux fur, suede, so many possibilities.  Even a statement piece of jewelry can add texture to an outfit.



As far as shoes, as with all other styles and outfits, it just depends what I am wearing and the mood I am in. I love these leopard boots with these jeans.  Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go and other times I like to add in a bold color to offset the white.  Choosing the right bag can also pull the whole outfit together.


I love pastels, as seen with this Martha Stewart Cape. I love this cape so much, I may have to go back for another color, but I thought this one really worked with this outfit.


I have also found that an alternative to adding color is to add gold or silver tones, maybe even a little sparkle.

Winter white as an outer layer is always a good idea, especially with darker colors. I tend to feel a bit energized when wearing white.  It just seems to breathe life into the darker colors.


As in all of the other seasons, the rules have changed. There aren’t any!


And as I have gotten older, I find experimenting and trying new color/texture combinations is the fun part.  A few of my favorites attached below…

If you wear winter white and have additional ideas and/or pictures, please post in the comments below. I’d love the inspiration.



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