Shades of Blue & Silver, a few favorites.

The holiday season brings out all the bright, beautiful colors, and we all have our favorites. I love the different shades of blue, grey and silver this time of year.


My home reflects this as I like to decorate my rooms in different colors.

My living room boasts shades of blue and silver with some glitter and sparkle thrown in; I find it the most peaceful room in my home. When the fireplace is going, the contrast is very calming and relaxing.




My dining room is decorated in red and gold which I find very uplifting – I’ll save that for another post.

I have found some great links for all things blue, grey and silver both to wear and for your home that I have linked below, most on sale:)

If you feature any color combos in your home during the holidays, please share in comments below; I love the inspiration.

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