Face Facts, product review…

While I love the idea behind many of the new products I try, my expectations are usually very low because I don’t like to be disappointed.  So, when I do find a product that actually delivers, I can’t wait to talk about it and share it with my closest friends.


Well, Joyome delivers and then some!!  There are so many things I like about this product, I’m not sure where to start so let me just dive in…

I love that the day serum and the night serum work together and are very user friendly. I have also been able to eliminate several of the other products I have used because this product covers all of the bases.

Although I have taken care of my skin over the years, at 57 it is still mature skin that needs to be nourished both inside and out.  I think what I love most about this product is that it fits into my health and wellness philosophy regarding what I put inside my body and outside. img_8487

I am a firm believer that you are what you eat, so for me it’s all about the well balanced diet focusing on fruits, vegetables, protein as well as probiotics.

The idea that I can feed my skin from the outside with all of these healthy nutrients sounded too good to be true, but it works as promised.

I absolutely see firmer skin without any redness and also feel it is working on my fine lines and delicate skin around my eyes.  I had been using makeup to try to create that ‘healthy’ glow we all look for but with this product, I don’t even need makeup! If anything,  I will use a very light tinted moisturizer with a little blush and that’s all I need.

I will be forever grateful to my Joyome ambassador, Erin O’Keefe (who also happens to be a good friend of mine) for suggesting I try this product.

Erin’s support has been amazing and if you are at all interested in this product, she is a pleasure to work with.





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