Shopping for Jeans Series, My Favorites.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I don’t find jeans comfortable for the most part; there’s something very liberating in admitting that!

Now, having said that, I love the idea of wearing them, so that is what I’d like to focus on – my tips, tricks and suggestions.

Some of you may know that I designed a belt to solve a couple of the problems I come across when looking for a pair of jeans, but I don’t want to focus on that for now.


What you should look for:

Do you know your body-type well enough to know which pile to go through in the stores you shop? 

And why must they always put the size you are looking for all the way at the bottom (which, by the way, usually happens right after I’ve been for a manicure and feel like shopping, but let’s stay on track for now…)?  

What doesn’t work:

Make sure the back doesn’t drop two inches when you sit down for lunch with your friends. If it does, they don’t fit you properly.

If you have to lay down on your bed to zipper them up, they don’t fit you.

If your foot won’t go through the leg opening, they don’t fit you.

What does work: 

When the jeans slide over your derrière like a glove you would put on.

When the waistband cinches knowing it will not leave a mark on your stomach.

When your underwear doesn’t ride up just because you put jeans on.


What to look for when you are shopping:

Feel the material; they should not be too stretchy; those typically don’t have enough recovery and will lose their shape a few hours after you put them on.

Do they have buttons or a zipper and which do you prefer? You would be surprised at how many people buy jeans in a store or online and never think to check on the hardware. It is personal preference, but you should know. 

What cut are they – my personal favorite is girlfriend or boyfriend because they work well with my body type and the right pair is very comfortable.  

For skinny jeans I love Hudson and Paige but, again, it depends on the cut and comfort. 

For Paige jeans the description reads  “TRANSCEND denim redefines luxury, recovery and comfort with a fabrication that provides a flawless fit without stretching out”. 

I do find this to be true on the pair that I own.  One note, they are priced a bit higher. 

How are they sized? In other words, are you looking for a 6, 8, 10 or 12 etc or is there a separate waist and length measurement?  I have found that the jeans that fit me best are the ones with the separate measurements.  They feel a bit more ‘custom’, if you will.

They say everything old is new again, which must be why I keep going back to Lee Jeans and Levi’s.  And I can tell you that Lee Jeans have a style with a built-in elastic in the waistband. Trust me, with those jeans you do not need my belt!

So, when do you need my belt, very few pairs of jeans are perfect, but if you find most of your list is checked off and you still have a slight gap in the back, my belt will work.

If you are the type of person that needs to wear a belt, or the jeans slightly fall while you walk or loosen, my belt will work.

And if you want to wear a fitted T-shirt or sweater and don’t want to see a buckle bulge, the belt will create the ‘flat front’ you are looking for.

One other thought; women have sent me pictures wearing the  Beltless Belt under their larger sweater or blouse with a fashion belt on top of it to create a certain look that they could not achieve without their jeans being secure.  

So ladies, shop with confidence and know there is always an answer!


If there are any jeans you particularly like, please leave them in the comments below, thank you!!


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