Maxi Favorites So Easy to Transition

“Your dresses should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady” …Edith Head

And that is what I look for when I am shopping for a maxi dress, and this is what I have found with the dresses I am highlighting.

Not only have they taken me through the spring and summer, they can easily transition into fall with the right scarf, sweater or cropped jacket.

One of the advantages to wearing the correct maxi is how forgiving it is.

Regardless of how you feel you look that day, the maxi will never disappoint. If designed properly, and you choose for your body type, it brings out your best and hides your flaws.


So what is the difference anyway between a maxi, long gown and long dress? I found myself trying to answer this question when my daughter went to her first prom and we were shopping.

A gown (as defined by Wikipedia) was originally known as a loose outer garment from knee to full length worn by men and women in Europe through the 17thcentury.img_8907

Today, it can refer to a woman’s dress that may be considered more formal.

A long dress, which was originally known as a frock or gown, is “a garment  consisting of a skirt with an attached bodice”.

A maxi dress was originally also known as the “Patio” dress, brightly colored with various designs.  Once the mini-skirts came in, most maxis were sent to the clearance racks of the department stores and were revived in the 1970s.


Casual sophistication is a great way to describe the vibes when wearing a maxi – heels, flats, wedges and even flip-flops truly make these dresses the easiest to wear. They can go from a morning meeting to the beach and then out for dinner and not one time during the day do you worry about how you look.

The Santiago dress from Soft Surroundings is one of the most comfortable I have ever worn, so much so that I needed it in a few colors! Very stylish, yet forgiving and it has pockets:)

The Cabi Maxi was brought at a Cabi Party a few years ago, one of the best Cabi purchases I have made.  This dress wears so well and really can be dressed up or down, an easy go-to when in doubt.  The consultant I work with is like a personal stylist and so easy to order!


I was always attracted to the Nine West brand, but it was really hit or miss when I would try something on.  I bought several maxi dresses that I had found in Macy’s and they have stood the test of time.  With the right accessories these maxis can hold their own at the best of parties.


Soma is right by my local Starbucks, coffee-office, so I do find myself wandering through every once in a while, and while I love their bras, their dresses are also very comfortable and fit extremely well! Several of their dresses have removable straps such as this one.


The only addition I have added to this (honorable mention if you willis the jumpsuit I found which is cut so perfectly that is literally flows against your body and is as forgiving as the most comfortable maxi. Actually, more times than not, people think it is a maxi! Found this through QVC from the Attitudes by Renee’ collection.  I do own several pieces from this collection, love this line!


For me it’s like a blank canvas; add jewelry based on your mood, hair style based on the weather and shoes based on your schedule that day.

Would love to know your favorites, please include in the comments below….





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