Makeup in Sight with Natural Eyes

It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while you find products that you just want to tell everyone about, so I discussed it with Lisa and here they are!

Lisa’s company is Simple Beauty Minerals and I became familiar with Lisa’s products through a wonderful Facebook group I found, ‘Style your way to success over 50’. I then checked out Lisa’s site to learn more about her products.
As I have gotten older, I prefer all-natural products and that is what I constantly look for.
I became friendly with Lisa through Facebook, and I found her to be so helpful that it felt like I had a private consultant working with me.


So, let me tell you the products I started with, the Pure Bliss Eye Creme, the Bright On, Brightening Facial Serum, the Radiance Reveal Exfoliant and the Crisp Cucumber Toner.
I loved these products so much that I went back to her site to watch her newest video which was all about the eyeshadows, and that is what I am focusing on for this review.

Amazing! First step was to find the best color matches for me based on my skin tone (finally able to do that after 56 years, a bit late, I know, but at last found a color chart that worked). Thank you, Linda Walden, for your ‘user-friendly’ workbook.

Next step was to go over those colors with Lisa, agree on the palette and wait for delivery, which by the way came within a few days, and I was ready to experiment.

The first thing I loved was that the shadows are in powder form. The containers are basically spill-proof and so easy to use. I always feel like I have more control when applying shadow in this form. To me, it feels cleaner.


What I found is that when these colors were applied, they looked so natural that they enhanced the color of my eyes before I even completed the application. I can honestly say that, if I decided not to add mascara, my eyes would still pop with these colors. I tried them each individually and even if I only used one color (if I was rushed that day), it would work and be enough. I love the layered look and, let me tell you, these shadows worked beautifully together, regardless of the order I tried them in. I even used my thinner brush to create a liner effect on my upper lid and it worked perfectly.

And the best part…it lasted all day and I did not have to retouch. What I did do was add more color for an evening effect and I was able to create a more dramatic look.

So, overall opinion, I love these shadows and look forward to trying the other colors. It’s almost like skincare and makeup combined, and that is exactly what I have been looking for!


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