Going on Vacation, Stress free Packing!

While I love vacations, the stress of packing usually takes away from the anticipation of the journey. How to pack, what to pack, what if it’s colder or warmer than expected?

When I fly, I worry about the luggage checks, I spend all of my time organizing my suitcase (and my children’s when they were younger) and by the time I either pick up my luggage from the baggage area, or it meets me at the hotel, it’s a mess. And not to mention that the idea of someone touching my things makes me crazy!


I wanted something like I had for my makeup or bathroom products; everything was divided, in its own compartment, protected and I knew exactly where everything was.

Well, who knew such a thing was made? I didn’t!

I came across packing cubes while searching on Amazon for something else. Such a simple concept and highly underrated, in my opinion.

These cubes have completely transformed the way I pack and the amount of time it takes, and the only stress I feel now is what comes with getting on a plane, but that’s for another day.


You can customize this any way you want to; for me it depends where we are traveling to. You can divide the cubes into days – in other words, an outfit per day – or if you know you will be changing for dinner, two outfits go into the one cube.

You can divide into types of clothing. Short sleeves, long sleeves, pants, skirts etc.

If there is more than one hotel involved, you can divide your outfits to accommodate each hotel.


There are so many options, all you have to do is think it out prior to packing.

Once out of the cubes and worn, laundry all goes into one bag. If you tend to separate clothing when you get home prior to washing everything, you can use the bags in reverse which make unpacking much easier. Even items that have to go to the cleaners can have their own cube.

One other idea – I have bought several sets and color coded them as well.




photo 1



Again, a simple idea, most likely around for a while but I only discovered it about a year ago.

Please share any tips you may have when it comes to packing for a weekend getaway or a vacation.


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