Shopping for Jeans..the hidden gems.

Shopping for jeans is always a challenge, but if you can manage the right mindset, you do get through it. I prefer to shop for jeans alone. I barely have the patience for myself, let alone imposing that on a friend of mine.

For me, the perfect pair of jeans will be easy to put on and slide over my legs rather than pull them up as I would a pair of tights. They will add to my shape rather than change it, they will be soft but not stretch and, most important, they will not gap in the back or cut into my stomach when I sit down.

I prefer shopping for jeans in a mall where there is more than one store to look in; that way if one brand does not work, there are backups.

I guess we all know how it goes from here. It is rare to get lucky with the first pair and if you actually leave the mall with the perfect ones, that is even rarer, but oh how sweet it is to find the right pair with the perfect fit!

The air of confidence when you leave the store is almost glowing.


So, having said all of that, let me tell you about the jeans that work but are underrated in my opinion.img_5121

I always find the description confusing as to where your ‘natural waist’ is and, to make it even more confusing, I find the stores and or brands use different guidelines.

The Michael Kors flair jean is not so popular, even though it has the name recognition. The waist is not too small that it doesn’t fit over your butt and, at the same time, it sits very comfortably just below the waist. Although I purchased these from the store, I love that they are available online and reasonably priced compared with other brands.


New York and Company offers a large variety of jeans for just about every size and shape. I particularly like the way their ‘boyfriend’ jeans fit.  I love that the waist does not gap in the back. Very reasonably priced! I find their SOHO jeans fit particularly well.

Ditto jeans are one of the best-fitting pair of jeans I own. If I remember correctly, I brought my first pair in Lord and Taylor a few years ago, but the best place to get them now seems to be on Amazon. The material is soft and moves with you.



The biggest surprise to me was Lee Jeans, Platinum Label. I remember Lee jeans as being a staple in my wardrobe about 25 years ago, before Jordache and Calvin Klein, so when I learned about all of the choices now, I had to try them again. These Platinum Label jeans have a no-gap stretch waistband which I honestly had not heard of before. The best part is that the stretch waistband works! These jeans sit just below the waist and, regardless of how you move, they are consistent and do not gap. I love the fact that you can wear them with a belt or without. They seem to sell several versions of these. I have only tried one type so far but plan on ordering the Madelyn Trouser next. I also love that there are color variations for this jean.

The most recent jeans I have bought were from Madewell, and it was my daughter who suggested I try a pair on. Loved them! You do not need a belt with these jeans. Not to say you shouldn’t wear one based on your outfit, but you don’t need one. They are proportioned perfectly and are extremely comfortable. Not the least expensive jeans I have bought but not the most expensive either and, in my opinion, well worth it. I find Madewell gives the best comprehensive description of their jeans even as far as telling you how high or how low the rise is in inches. I don’t have to hunt for what I want.




Unless I know the brand and actually own a pair with that brand name, jeans are one of the few things I will not order online.img_8080-1

While the Beltless Belt I designed has saved many a pair of jeans, as well as many outfits, there are jeans that do not need my belt and actually fit like they are supposed to. The jeans I mention above are examples of that. The best waistbands in my opinion are on the Madewell and Lee jeans.

If you have found the perfect pair of jeans, PLEASE share in the comments below; I would love to know!

I am forever searching for the perfect pair and I know we can all use the recommendations.





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  1. Jean shopping can be so tricky – I do tend to order online to try on in the comfort of my own home.. I’m going to check the platinum Lee jeans out though.. thanks for sharing

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