Layering – Not Just for Clothes

I would say the feeling hits during early November when I look at the left-over pumpkins with new eyes. Halloween is over, but it feels like it’s time to harvest inside instead of outside.

It could start with a pumpkin, an ear of corn, fresh tomatoes found at a local market or maybe even in the supermarket aisle. Or maybe the heavy sweater you have been wearing is just not heavy enough when you walk outside in the morning. Something hits you and instinctively you want to nest.



And so it begins; physical memories start coming out. The layered pie dish you found at a local farm a few years ago, the empty maple syrup bottles that were too pretty to throw out last year that will look great with flowers in them this year, the throw that you found in the Adirondacks a few visits ago and of course the very worn wooden bowl that has been on the shelf for the past few months can now move to the counter with the promise of great salads to come… and let’s not forget the ceramic bread dish!


This is where it starts, piece by piece, year by year.

It’s similar to starting with a blank canvas when you get dressed in the morning. You can start with your basic, pants or skirt, add a cami, tank or tee-shirt and just layer up from there including accessories and the right shoes.

When I sit in my living room and look at the mantle, I realize it is layered with memories of years past and people gone.


Towards the top or the front are the new ones from the recent Disney trip or the treasures found at the beach over the summer or maybe the holiday decorations you found the day you were in the city or a small town upstate.

This is the theme throughout the house on the holidays and if you look close enough there is a story to be told in most homes you go to.


So layer up, re-live some of the memories and create more layers for next year. To me, that is what the holidays are all about and what I would like my children to be mindful of as they create their own memories.


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