How to work in & dress for your work out!

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how organized I am – my day just doesn’t go as planned.
If you have kids you learn early on that, whatever the plan is, it will probably change:)

Having said that, there’s a couple of things I won’t give up, Starbucks and my work-out.

It was 1981 when my grandfather introduced me to the gym, long before the gym was cool. He did his floor exercises with Jack LaLanne. Yes, I do remember that:)

F32BEEBC-2FFF-4E73-9C08-EEEB95FEE331He would say, if you’re having a bad day, exercise! If you can’t make a decision on something, exercise! It was his answer to everything and I am so glad I listened to him. So for the past 30 years, that is what I have done.

What has changed is that I no longer feel the need to base my day around it; the work-out now fits into my day whenever it works. I don’t feel a need to break a sweat every time or lift a certain amount of weight. I have nothing to prove at this stage of my life. Instead, it’s all about moving and staying as toned as I can be, which in my opinion contributes greatly to a healthy lifestyle.

I am old enough to know there are some things you cannot predict or control and when it comes to health, there is nothing more important to me that the health of my family. But, what you can control is how strong you are, both mentally and physically, to be able to deal with whatever life throws your way. That would be my goal and what I am trying to teach my teenage children.

So, how to work it into your day when you are juggling your personal life and your business life? Dress for it! On some mornings, I may have time to get in a work-out, or even a long walk, but knowing that I have a business meeting right after, I can be ready for both with a couple of quick changes, and I don’t even need a changing room to do so.



It can work in reverse as well. If my day starts with a meeting or other appointment, and I have a 1/2 hour or hour during the day to either stop at the gym or, again, go for a long walk, it’s very easy to change down as well as up. Even 20 minutes will add positive energy to my day.

So, the bottom line: don’t overthink the process. Start with basic pieces, even add some color, throw a piece or two of jewelry in your bag, shoes and a sweater, blouse or even a jacket. You’re done and you now have control of your day instead of your day running you.

And I will always find time for my chai latte at Starbucks!



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