A scarf instead of a choker top, many options!

Create the look of a choker top without owning one.

Choker tops and cold shoulder, two of my favorite styles right now but today focusing on the choker top.


Finding one that fits exactly as I would like is easier said than done!
They look great on the hanger but I find either the ‘choker’ is too tight, the ‘v neck’ too low or the choker is made of a different fabric completely that is uncomfortable!

A double sided twist can create the same effect as a choker top.



What I worked out one evening when the ‘planned’ outfit didn’t work, was a scarf can create the same look without the drama!



I love the way a scarf can enhance and/or change the outfit completely! I collect them whenever I can, matching a scarf to most any of the tops I own is the easiest way to create the choker top.


I also find the neck wrap to be very flattering on a lower neck top.


Most any top in your closet could probably be paired with a scarf which allows you to coordinate colors you are in the mood for that day.


The white long sleeved top, (my favorite) and the forest green top are both Covered Perfectly.

The blue and white stretch pants are from Chico’s    The first scarf is from a new company I found The Bias Cut, the second scarf, a gift from my husband while in Spain from a company called Purification Garcia, and the third from Loft 


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