An Afternoon Escape

A beautiful fall weekend with nothing to do; sometimes the answer is in your own backyard.
I had never heard of Chihuly before and had no idea if it was a person, place or thing.



I also live about half an hour from the New York Botanical Garden and had never been there before.


Great way to spend an afternoon and I think the pictures of this exhibit are worth sharing!




The herb garden (which is not part of the exhibit) has benches throughout and I was already planning meals based on the herbs I was looking at. The aroma itself lures you in!

I have joined the New York Botanical Garden mailing list and will keep track of the exhibits that interest me, although I should add, I can easily see taking a ride on a lazy day just to take a walk through their beautiful gardens…

If you are within driving distance, definitely worth the ride!




Should add, parking can be a bit challenging, but keep in mind you can park right on the street, you do not have to wait for a lot. My husband and I learned that the hard way😉





Information about this artist, Dale Chihuly can be found here.




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