Traveling in style…

Traveling in style…….  comfortable dress, scarf, light-weight tote!

Love London, particularly Hampstead Village, but on a day of sightseeing, with uncertain weather, followed by dinner with no time to go back to the hotel, what you’re wearing and carrying can make all the difference.

Forever the reluctant traveler, I have learned that fashion can play a big role in activities planned for your trip. Married to an Englishman, I travel a bit more frequently than I would like but, once I arrive at our destination, all is good!  It’s the plane ride that makes me crazy.

On one of our last trips abroad, traveling with my two teenagers as well, I might add, I realized it’s all in the packing and the comfort (while always maintaining the style ) of the clothes…

This trip was full of sightseeing, great food and family bonding.

Starting with Stonehenge, which was absolutely worth the stop, we headed to the city of Exeter in Devonshire. 



We stayed several days, enjoying local sites and country bars or ‘pubs’ as they are known in England.  The Ship at Cockwood was the perfect place to have lunch and exactly what you would imagine a country pub to look like, very rustic as you can see in the picture… Loved everything on the menu, just had a small issue when the unpeeled shrimp were staring at me from the plate .




We stopped at Powderham Castle and looked round the building and the grounds, as well as at Buckfast Abbey, a Benedictine Monastery dating back nearly a thousand years.



One of our days was planned around visiting Oxford and touring a few of the colleges, with particular interest in Exeter College, where my husband and his two older sons had been undergraduates, and where my daughter has expressed interest in going. 


The library known as Radcliffe Camera was particularly interesting as well as the Exeter College Hall, which I must admit reminded me and my children of Hogwarts in Harry Potter:)


Even managed to see the Rectors Lodgings!  


My favorite lunch was at Riverford Field Kitchen where all of the food was fresh from their own gardens.. The menu is chosen for you and you eat family style..(actually follow them on instagram now,

While in London we spent a good part of the day taking in the sights, the London Eye and Big Ben ending with a boat ride under  Tower Bridge.



I decided the trip would not have been complete without a little shopping at Harrods, much to my husband’s cost and dismay!


And the trip would not have been complete without a walk on Abbey Rd, so my daughter and I started walking and my son took the shot! 


As I said previously, comfort & style are key!  I love a comfortable dress and pull on skirts, and I always find them at Ann Taylor, Loft. The long knit maxi dress is Isaac Mizrahi and the leather Roman Tote was given to me as  a gift from the G.I.L.I line.  I take scarves and pashminas with me everywhere which fit nicely into my tote for whenever I need them. 

Enjoy your fall trips and if you have a moment, would love to know what you love to wear when you travel!!

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