Effortless dressing


Never underestimate the power of the white t-shirt!!
Gone are the days when I stand in my closet and stare as if something new is going to jump out at me, after all, If I don’t know what’s in here, no one does.

I tend to build an outfit around one piece, my go-to in the springtime and summer is a long pull on skirt, flowy or straight depending on my mood.  Flowy I tend to match with a tighter fitting tank and the straight skirt can work with anything I have learned.

Even patterns can be mixed, but when in doubt, the white t-shirt always wins. This skirt is from ‘Loft” Ann Taylor, Loft and the t-shirt is from Cotton On.

My 17 year old daughter taught me knots are ok, tuck it in and blouse it up or just leave it flow over the skirt. Your outfit will ‘pop’ no matter how you wear it.
I usually add flat sandals and a colorful piece around my neck, bright earrings or a cuff bracelet.  The ‘Summer Choker’ is on Etsy.


It all starts with the white t-shirt!!
With maturity comes ease with fashion, for me, less is always more!

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